Our Residency and Citizenship Services

Crusader Rock International, and now Monarch&Co, have been assisting our clients with Residence and Citizenship services for the past nearly 4 years, initially focusing on Malta and subsequently opening up to other countries that offer attractive Residency and Citizenship programmes such as Antigua & Barbuda, Cyprus, DominicaGreece, GrenadaMauritius, PortugalSt Kitts & NevisUK and the USA.

After handpicking the most attractive Residency and Citizenship programmes available across the globe and through our network of carefully selected partnerships and relationships, we are able to offer a variety of programmes that would suit most peoples’ interests and intentions when looking at such programmes. We endeavour to bring all our clients’ service needs and requirements, related to their applications for these programmes, under one roof.  Using our services will make your application process and ongoing programme maintenance (where necessary) as hassle free and cost competitive as possible.

We have ensured that our partner companies are the best in their fields, and seek to negotiate a bulk discount for our clients for the services that the partner companies render to them. The local knowledge, infrastructure and network that the specific partner companies supply for a specific programme, bring to our offering a great benefit to the client.  We manage each partner company, and contract into agreement the same service levels that we expect from ourselves.

We listen to each of our clients’ needs and try to understand exactly what they are looking for, often assisting them in getting a better understanding of what they are wanting than they did prior to speaking to us.  From there we will take the client through the specific programmes that might be suitable to the client, talking through the pro’s and con’s, and finally coming to a conclusion on which programme is most suitable for them.

From there we take the client through the whole process, beginning to end – from collection of application and supporting documentation and providing specific service providers that assist in this task, through to the final submission with the government departments and country specific requirements and offerings, such as financing the capital investment in government bonds through pre-approved institutions etc.

Client relationships and service levels are paramount to our success and have made us market leaders in programmes that we believe in and offer to our client base.

Key Benefits

Permanent residency refers to a person’s visa status. By achieving this status the person is allowed to reside, for the validity period of the Residency, within a country of which he or she is not a citizen.  A person with such status is known as a Resident or Permanent Resident of that country. Resident permits are issued for migrants who meet certain criteria and its validity is time based.

Depending on the client’s country of citizenship and the country where permanent residence is obtained, benefits accrue to the client.  Benefits vary and include:

By obtaining Citizenship in another country, the client becomes a citizen of that country which entitles them to carry that country’s passport.  Depending on the countries involved, the client will keep their existing citizenship and passport, and thus the new passport becomes their 2nd passport.  This is why these programmes are often referred to as 2nd passport programmes.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above for Permanent Residence programmes, Citizenship programmes can also offer:

Key Considerations

A lot of our clients are looking to hedge their present lifestyles – which are threatened for various reasons – by gaining a second residence or citizenship. These clients either want to move immediately, or reserve the potential to move at very short notice.  Should the client not wish to move immediately, then the new residency or citizenship would have to have relaxed criteria regarding the minimum stay requirements in that new country.

While the new programme might offer future security to the client regarding a ‘lifestyle hedge’, it also offers them peace of mind and freedom from persecution for being a citizen of the country that they originate from.  Not all countries are as internationally popular as others, for various reasons, and adopting a second identity can aleviate many of these burdens.

Many of our clients incur huge travel inconveniences when travelling abroad, owing to the conditions set on them by virtue of the passport they carry. Visa applications are both costly and time consuming and generally an irritating nuisance.  Such clients are wanting to gain travel benefits through obtaining another residence or citizenship.

By gaining a second residence or citizenship a client is also able to enjoy huge tax breaks.  The extent of these benefits would depend on the new jurisdiction’s offering and incentives, as well as where the client makes their primary tax residence.  The purpose of this planning could be either personal or corporate or both.

Some of our clients are also simply looking for a way to improve their lifestyles, and want better access to basic services such as health and education, as well as more select criteria such as sporting facilities, fauna and flora, etc.

Which Programme?

There are many issues to consider when planning which Residence or Citizenship Programme would be right for you. Perhaps the first port of call would be “what are the reasons for you wanting this?”, and from there, "which Programme best suits your requirements and expectations?".

Some issues to think about when considering a new country are: