This is the most popular Golden Visa programme for South Africans

Residency and citizenship specialist Monarch&Co says that the Portuguese Golden Visa programme is the most popular European scheme for South Africans due to its investment options, minimal stay requirements, and travel and lifestyle benefits.

Publication - BusinessTech

Date - 25 May 2019

Column - Staff Writer


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The top 5 EU residency programmes for South Africans

James Bowling, chief executive officer of residency and citizenship by investment facilitator, Monarch&Co, elaborates on the top five European Union (EU) residency programmes that investors can apply for to hedge their lifestyles abroad.

Publication - Property24

Date - 2 January 2018

Column - Advice/Finance

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Top Ten Retirement Destinations in the World

Of all the cities, towns and regions of the top ten retirement destinations listed by Live and Invest Overseas for 2017, Portugal’s southernmost region, the Algarve, took the lead for the fourth year in a row.

Publication - Algarve Daily

Date - 8 December 2017

Column - Lifestyle

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