Monarch&Co International was established in 2007 under the name Crusader Rock International, becoming the market leader in facilitating residence, property and investment options and structures in Malta.

2011 saw the rebranding of the company to Monarch & Co International. Monarch&Co now offers clients immigrant investor programmes for residence and citizenship, investment properties and personal and corporate structures in hand-picked territories around the world.

The team at Monarch&Co has strong foundations in the property and financial services industries with sound background knowledge of the countries on offer. Our focus is on high levels of service backed by sound business ethics and investment options. We will professionally guide you in the areas of investing, working or living in the country that most suits your requirements.

The team is headed up by CEO, James Bowling. James has a background of more than 9 years in property and finance dealing in key retail, commercial and residential developments across South Africa. He subsequently headed and built up Crusader Rock International for 4 years and then Monarch&Co International for a further 4 years.

With each country that Monarch&Co work with, key partnerships are in place with legal, accounting, property, government and tourism offices ensuring that we keep abreast of the latest information in each area. We also have our own in-house travel agent who will assist with all preferential rates for travel and accommodation arrangements should this be required.

Our head office is based in Illovo, Johannesburg.

To secure our clients the best financial and lifestyle hedge through our premier residency and citizenship programmes in select countries – including low-tax jurisdictions – coupled with our portfolio of prime investment properties.


Monarch&Co and CRI offer clients Residence & Citizenship Services, International Property Services, Company, Trust and other Legal Entity Formations, and Personal and Corporate Tax Planning and Structuring in hand-picked territories around the world.


Crusader Rock International, and now Monarch&Co, have been assisting our clients with Residency and Citizenship applications for the past 8 years, initially focusing on Malta and subsequently opening up to other countries that offer attractive Residency and Citizenship programmes such as Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Cyprus, Greece, Grenada, Mauritius, Portugal, St Kitts & Nevis, the UK and the USA.

After handpicking the most attractive programmes available across the globe and through our network of carefully selected partnerships and relationships, we are able to offer a variety of programmes that would suit most peoples’ interests and intentions when looking at such programmes. We endeavour to bring all our clients’ service needs and requirements, related to their applications for these programmes, under one roof.  Using our services will make your application process and ongoing programme maintenance (where necessary) as hassle free and cost competitive as possible.

We have ensured that our partner companies are the best in their fields, and seek to negotiate a bulk discount for our clients for the services that the partner companies render to them. The local knowledge, infrastructure and network that the specific partner companies supply for a specific programme, bring to our offering a great benefit to the client.  We manage each partner company, and contract into agreement the same service levels that we expect from ourselves.

We listen to each of our clients’ needs and try to understand exactly what they are looking for, often assisting them in getting a better understanding of what they are wanting than they did prior to speaking to us.  From there we will take the client through the specific programmes that might be suitable to the client, talking through the pro’s and con’s, and finally coming to a conclusion on which programme is most suitable for them.

From there we take the client through the whole process, beginning to end – from collection of application and supporting documentation and providing specific service providers that assist in this task, through to the final submission with the government departments and country specific requirements and offerings, such as financing the capital investment in government bonds through pre-approved institutions etc.

Client relationships and service levels are paramount to our success and have made us market leaders in programmes that we believe in and offer to our client base.


There are many considerations when looking at purchasing international investment property. It’s important for us to get a sound understanding of what our client is trying to achieve through their investment, as well as what they are looking for in a property. We guide our clients through this process with our team of select international partners and specialists, ideally placed in each country we market to take on all enquiries and requirements.

Our property portfolio currently consists of properties from the following countries: Antigua & Barbuda, DominicaSt Kitts & NevisMauritiusMalta, USAPortugalGreece, Grenada, the UK and Cyprus.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following property services from beginning to end:

We endeavour to make the property ownership process as smooth as possible, taking into account all the property requirements that our clients might request of us, and meeting specific requirements that certain countries might present. We believe localised expert knowledge of the country that clients choose to invest into is crucial to the successful investment, and that’s why we’ve carefully chosen our property partners for each country, together with all related service experts that our clients might need for long term success.


Through our network of partners and associate companies, we are able to tailor make even the most complex structures that our clients might require.  Each client request is digested and the most effective solution proposed. We are able to assist with the most popular jurisdictions, including those that are listed on this website, that our clients are usually interested in.


Most of our clients are high net-worth individuals who are generally looking to minimise their tax exposure. Many of the jurisdictions offering our Residence and Citizenship programmes are themselves low-tax jurisdictions. We are not limited to these jurisdictions but do focus on them.

There are many benefits to setting up both corporate and personal structures in low-tax jurisdictions, and we are able to make the relevant expert advice available to you.