Month 1-2 Step 1 Client must present documents proving current assets minimum of £2,000,000
Step 2 Monarch&Co and partners will prepare a Financial Intelligence Declaration for the bank to assess and complete due diligence
Month 2-3 Step 3 Once bank is satisfied, Client will be issued pre approval letter by Monarch&Co and partners and will be asked to pay fees
Step 4 On receipt of funds client will be asked to sign all application forms relating to the bank, bank account opening and the financing requirements
Step 5 Upon opening of Bank Account client will be notified and asked to send investment
Upon receipt of the funds the bank will issue a letter confirming the verification of the applicants asset worth allowing the applicant to proceed to Phase II


Month 3-4 Step 1 Application for Tier 1 Visa is prepared and lodged with UK Border Agency in applicants country of residence
Step 2 Applicant and family will be required to submit to biometrics at UK Border Agency where visa was lodged
Month 4-6 Step 3 Once UK Border Agency approves application, applicant and dependants must present original passport for visa label to be stamped in passport
Step 4 Upon landing in UK applicant must present himself at the bank to complete investment formalities

The above timeline is accurate as of September 2014 and is provided for information purposes only. Any changes that may affect the applicants' processing times will not be the legal responsibility of Monarch&Co and partners, as governments can experience large volumes of applications, local authorities can modify required documentation and/or processes, etc.

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