1. What are all the payments expected of an applicant?
    The UK Border Agency will require an application fee of approximately £950 per person. The amount to cover the Financing fee will be around £500,000 owing to the current turmoil in the EU region. This may vary slightly due to interest rates, which are beyond the control of Monarch&Co or our partners. Applicants may also incur miscellaneous expenses related to their application such as translation of documents or similar.
  2. What documents are required for an application?
    Documents will vary for each applicant. We will assist you to create a personalized list of documents for your specific application. Initially when an application is submitted documents such as civil status, and financial documents to prove your current net worth, will be required.
  3. Will I have to undergo a medical check like other Investor Programs?
    No, as an Investor you will not need to undertake a medical exam.
  4. What happens to my investment if my visa is not approved?
    You do not make your final investment until you already are in the UK.
  5. How long do I have until my investment is required to be made?
    Once you arrive in the UK, you will have 3 months to make your investment.
  6. Do I need to have a strong knowledge of English language?
    English language knowledge is not a requirement for applying for the UK Investor Program. The main reason being is that investors are generally not expected to work in the UK. 
  7. Being an investor in the program, can I work in the UK?
    You are permitted to establish a business, but you can not work as an employee.
  8. Is it true that I must live in UK for 6 out of 12 months each year?
    Yes, in order to meet the criteria for maintaining her/his UK visa, each applicant must live in the UK 50% of their time each year.
  9. If I can't commit to living in the UK for such a long period, is there a way to be exempted from this requirement?
    No, however, for some applicants a solution to this common problem is to appoint your spouse as the main applicant, and he/she along with your children, may reside in the UK making it their permanent home, allowing you to travel freely back and forth.
  10. If my eldest child is over 18 and studying at a university, can she/he be included in my application?
    Unfortunately not. The UK Border Agency defines as dependents the spouse, and single children under the age of 18.