A lot of our investors take a "balanced approach" to their UK property portfolios. Basically this means that they buy some units outside London, where rental returns are high and capital input low. You can expect good cashflows, but lower capital growth over the next 5-7 years in places like Manchester and Liverpool and complement these properties with high cost, smaller cash flow units in Central London.

From 2012-2015 our team has identified 5 HOT SPOTS in the London area. Some of these areas are currently heading that way while others will do so in the next few years. These areas are sure to enjoy excellent capital growth through (literally) billions of Pounds being spent on regeneration. Our London investment properties all fall within these areas, and this is what we will be passing on to you as well.

We market properties where the tenants are, and where there is a positive cash flow from these properties. This, once again, is key to property investing. London has very high prices for homes, but also good rental demands. What we suggest is that you invest on a ratio of 30% London, and 70% in strong areas of rental growth throughout the UK. This effectively spreads your risk: low rental income from London and high cash flow income from other areas; the possibility of far better capital growth in London and lower outside London - thus ensuring that you win in all areas.