Located in the village of Mgarr, known fondly as the gateway to Gozo, this development has a rich history spanning over 250 years. Originally designed by Military engineer de Tigne in 1723, the construction of this fortification, which began in 1749, came at the personal expense of the Knight of the order of St. John Bailiff Jacques Francoise de Chambray, who at the time held the title of Governor of Gozo.

The dream was for a development in the new capital city of Gozo. Though this dream did not materialize, it did become the final fortification built by the knights of St. John and did experience a brief military adventure during the island's resistance to French occupation in 1798.

In 2006 the dream was reborn for the development, as a modern township developed within the walls of Gozo. This development is also recognized as a SPECIAL DESIGNATED AREA, therefore restrictions placed on foreigners on the amount of property units they are able to purchase, do not apply.


The whole development is now starting to take shape with landscaping, piazzas, common pool area, etc., and possibly a Boutique Hotel, Casino and Conference Facilities. The units should also attract up market rentals.




Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Phase one of this spectacular development has been completed, and consists of 70 residential units. These apartments, duplexes and villas are built and finished to high standards, and most have superb views of Mgarr Harbour and the Gozo Channel. A number of the best units have their own private pool and gardens.