With the appropriate government approvals in place and endorsed as a Citizenship by Investment Project, M&C International have partnered with an Antiguan Aquaculture business to offer investors a lucrative investment opportunity as a Citizenship by Investment option.


The project aims to scale offshore fish production in Antigua to over 8,000 tons per annum of sashimi grade fish. This production will initially start with Kampachi, but may further diversify into other species in the future. The fish will be sold to regional resorts and the booming South American market as well as US distributors to capture part of the growing $18.9 billion dollar US seafood import market.


The venture proposed is designed to be a profitable business with significant local economic impact. While initial investment is required, this profitable venture should continue to sustain jobs and grow investor wealth without ongoing infusions of capital.

Kampachi fish farming



The venture proposed is carefully planned to avoid any measurable detriment to the environment such that operations can continue perpetually, or even provide environmental and societal benefits. It is specifically planned to be synergistic with the fishing industry.


This effort will require a total investment of around $30 million. Based on initial discussions with the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), our goal is to combine $15 million of Antigua CIP funds, $7.5 million contribution by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda and up to $15 million of OPIC debt, as required, to further compound the return for CIP investors.

Investment Contribution $400,000
Government fees (Main Applicant, Spouse and 1 dependent) $50,000
Total $450,000

The proposed plan is tailored to produce a cash flow positive farm in less than four years, with a CIP investor return of 6%. Returns will vary somewhat based on the investment phase of the project.